Overview of the networks supported by ZPVP / Experimental Factory

The Zentrum für Produkt-, Verfahrens- und Prozessinnovation GmbH (ZPVP) has been initiating and supporting innovative networks of companies and research institutions since 2004, including

  •  "INNOBOOT" (2004-2006): Development & marketing of pontoon boats with semi intelligent control,
  •  "AutoMEP" and "ProVIE" (2008-2010, 2011-2012): development of autonomous modules for real-time status monitoring of production resources,
  •  "Technological Competence River-Electricity" (2009-...): Development of an adaptive product and module construction kit for river hydropower plants,
  •  "Urban Pumped Storage Plant" (2012-2015): Development of energy storage power plants with low altitude potential in urban areas for peak load compensation as combined cycle power plants that intelligently combine hydro, wind and thermal power,
  •  "InDiWa" (2012-...): Developments for non-destructive inspection, automated diagnostics and condition-based maintenance of fibre-plastic composite components in wind and water energy plants
  •  "Assistance in Logistics" (2014-...): Development of products, processes and technical services for physical, IT and cognitive assistance in work systems in production and logistics.
  •  "NekoS" (2017-...): Research and development of human-centred assistance systems based on intelligent and cooperative systems in production, logistics and maintenance.
  •  "CleanriverSolutions" (2019 - ...): Development of systems to reduce waste in water bodies
  •  "INSTANT" (2020- ...): patient-friendly, image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic methods for the treatment of widespread diseases

A ZIM network (also called innovationtion network or cooperation network) is an association of at least six small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or, in the case of an international network of at least four German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), two foreign enterprises and, in addition to the German network management institution, one foreign coordinator. Other partners may also participate (e.g. university institutes, research institutions, large companies and other institutions such as associations).

The aim of the cooperation is to jointly develop and market innovative products, processes or technical services in a technologically or regionally oriented network or along a value chain. There is no restriction to certain fields of technology and industries.





Furthermore, ZPVP GmbH is a consulting company of the go-inno initiative authorized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.