R&D Projects

The following research and development projects are being carried out within the "INSTANT" network:

  • R&D project "MediBalance" - Biofeedback-supported AR-System for medical balance training [» here read more ...]
  • R&D project "VR-UI" - A VR-UI for virtual planning and training applications over long distances [» here read more ...]
  • R&D project "medAR" - Advanced tracking and interaction techniques for medical augmented reality projection techniques [» here read more ...]
  • R&D project "VR-Med" - Virtual reality-supported emergency simulation for continuing medical education [» here read more ...]
  • R&D project "MultiMersive" - Interactive multi-format learning environments for immersive education and training 
  • R&D project "LTS Magnet" - LTS Magnet for Neonatal MR Tomography 
  • R&D project "COCOON" - aCOustiC Optimized hOusiNg 
  • R&D project "Web-KI Prostate" - Web-based AI prediction of prostate diseases 
  • R&D project "OnSxale" - Optimal non-skeuomorphic collaborative XR training and learning environment 
  • R&D project "ProLeAR" - Projection-based augmented reality learning environment  
  • ...

Further projects are in the conception stage.