FuE-Projekt "VR-UI"

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Project: VR-UI
Topic: A VR UI for long-distance virtual planning and training applications
Project management Zentrum für Produkt-, Verfahrens- und Prozessinnovation GmbH
Term: 11/2019 - 10/2021
Fondung program: Central innovation program for small and medium-sized enterprises
Fonders: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Projektträger AiF Projekt GmbH


Project short introduction:

A well-designed user interface (UI) is critical to the success of a digital product. This is especially true in virtual reality (VR), where poorly designed UIs can lead to nausea, eye pain, and even physical harm. A UI in a traditional digital product relies on input from a touchscreen or the combination of a mouse and keyboard. The user sees the results of these inputs on a two-dimensional display. In a VR product, the user's body and physiological senses, in collaboration with electronic input and output devices, form the UI for the user.

In this project, the project consortium would like to concentrate on the research and development of VR UI. The application focus is to be on virtual planning and training applications in medicine. Up to now, the exchange of experience and expertise between physicians has been very traditional, despite modern communication possibilities, e.g., at scientific conferences or through job shadowing.

The development will be realized in an international cooperation project. The project is designed to run for 2 years.

VR-UI is an R&D project originating from the ZIM network INSTANT and is supported in its implementation by the Zentrum für Produkt-, Verfahren- und Prozessinnovation GmbH, based in the Experimental Factory Magdeburg.

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