R&D Priorities

The research and development work of the INSTANT network focuses on the following areas:

  • patient-individual simulation and image analysis methods for innovative diagnostics and therapy
  • Innovative hardware and software to support computer tomographic examinations and interventions
  • Patient-friendly solutions for fast and comfortable intervention scenarios under imaging

The implementation of the goals set is carried out in research and development projects (R&D projects for short) in cooperation with companies and research institutions.

A unique selling point of the network is the access to large-scale research equipment. In particular, 3T magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), robot-based 3D angiography equipment and computer tomography (CT) are worthy of special mention. There is also access to electronics, mechanics and rapid prototyping laboratories and an EMC absorber hall. The imaging equipment is the central instrument in the clinical setup for image-guided minimally invasive therapy. These devices are available at the STIMULATE research campus at the Otto-von-Guericke University and can be used for R&D work in the INSTANT network as research infrastructure.


Photos: STIMULATE Angio-Lab and STIMULATE MRT-Suite © STIMULATE Research Campus of OVGU Magdeburg and EMC absorber hall in the Experimental Factory © Chair of EMC of OVGU Magdeburg